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How to Detect an Identity Thief | AP Wealth Management

How to Detect an Identity Thief

As identity theft in the U.S. increases, it’s important for advisors to be aware of the possible signs of a client imposter.

Our firm is dedicated to keeping our clients information safe. We stay up-to-date on best practices. Knowledge and awareness are key to protecting clients from cyber-crimes such as identity theft or social engineering.  

Identity theft continues to be a common type of fraud in the U.S. The rise of social engineering has allowed criminals to become more sophisticated with their methods. But you can help protect your clients by staying aware and taking extra precautions to verify their identities.

This article shares a few best practices when it comes to identifying threats – we have many of these practices in place already at AP Wealth Management and regularly review our procedures to continue to keep our clients’ information safe.

How to Detect an Identity Thief

You may also find this video from CNN Business interesting. It shows how some hackers are using their skills for the greater good – kind of like spider man.