How to Choose a Financial Advisor

How to Choose a Financial Advisor


Sound financial advice is as important to your overall health as good medical advice. So, how do you find a good financial advisor? We understand how important it is to be able to trust the person managing your investments and financial future. We hope you glean a few insights from this video that highlights some of the strategies for finding a good financial advisor.



Strategies for Selecting a Financial Advisor
Personal Referrals

Accountant and Attorney, Friends and Family


Find a listing of the Certified Financial Planners in your local area.

Check out advisors’ websites to get a feel for their experience and character.

Set up Interviews

You can tell a lot about an advisor by the kinds of questions they have for you.



At AP Wealth Management, we work with clients who desire a strong, long-term partnership, but may lack the time and expertise to manage their own wealth and financial planning. In fact, with over 120 years of combined experience, our firm is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Each of our financial advisors and team members possesses a vast breadth of knowledge and experience in investment management, financial planning, and tax and estate planning.


Our team at AP Wealth Management personalizes a financial plan for our clients and collaborates with all who are involved in the client’s financial life, such as an accountant or attorney.


We strive to provide uniquely crafted, personalized financial management solutions that empower our clients to attain their financial objectives, build their wealth, and protect their legacy while embracing the highest standard of excellence.


We promise to maintain excellent standards of practice, serve as a fiduciary for all clients, and continually strive for our clients’ financial success.


If you’d like to speak with us to learn more, please call us at (706) 364-4281.


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