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First Quarter 2022 Newsletter

The first quarter of 2022 has been unexpectedly eventful. Just as we started to catch our breath from the COVID crisis that started in 2020, Russia decided to launch an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Although this war is being fought on the other side of the globe, the headlines, pictures, and economic impacts are clearly felt here in the United States.

Year-End Newsletter | December 2021

Year-End Newsletter | December 2021     Thank you for all your unwavering confidence and enthusiastic support this year. We are so fortunate at AP Wealth because we have the best clients, strategic partners, and team in the world!   2021 has been another year of growth in many ways. Your client accounts benefited from …

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AP Wealth Management Team

Quarterly Newsletter – October 2021

Quarterly Newsletter – October 2021   We’re pleased to announce that current team members, Tom O’Gorman, MBA, and Clayton Quamme, CFP® are now officially partners and shareholders in our wealth management firm, AP Wealth Management.   As many of you know, Pat and I have been partners for some time now. Tom and Clayton have over time demonstrated …

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Lessons from the Blue Ridge Relay

Lessons from the Blue Ridge Relay   Did you know that one of the largest running relay races in the United States takes place just up the road in the Blue Ridge Mountains? It is called The Blue Ridge Relay, and this year I had the opportunity to participate by running with a group from …

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Lessons From The Appalachian Trail

Many of our blogs are financially based – which is important – but equally important to leaving a financial legacy to future generations is leaving a legacy of time and memories. We can do this by investing time with the people we love the most.   This is one such story.    At the beginning …

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